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OneBitOrderedDither : A 1-Bit Ordered Dither Plug-in for Acorn

14th October 2023
A dive down the rabbit hole of ordered dithering techniques and the resultant programs.

Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Apples Recipe

14th October 2023
My staple breakfast.

Italian Herb Bread Recipe

6th October 2023
I've baked dozens of types of breads, and this one still remains my favorite. Even before you bake the bread, it will make your kitchen smell amazing. Share and enjoy.

Integrating AppleScript With a Mac Application

9th August 2023
Resources on how to add scripting capabilities into a Mac application.

The Japanese Version of Quest For Glory I (EGA)

7th May 2023
Investigating the Japanese version of Quest for Glory I for the PC-98 computer, and how to play this game on (slightly) more modern hardware.