33 RPM
Pitch and speed modifying utility for transcribing music
AGI Studio for Mac
Adventure Game Interpreter IDE
List manager for Macintosh and iOS
Scientific calculator
King's Quest 1 - Redux
Redux version of a classic adventure game
Permanent Eraser
Securely erase your files


EdenList 2.1.1 for iOS
26th April 2020

A small update for EdenList for iOS has been released which corrects a couple of UI issues for Dark Mode and verifies that the app works properly on iPad OS 13.4.

Enabling Full Disk Access for Permanent Eraser in macOS Catalina
26th April 2020

Steps to enable Full Disk Access in macOS Catalina to resolve a major issue with Permanent Eraser.

Porting Adventure Game Studio Games to the Mac
18th April 2020

Tutorial on how to port an AGS game to the Mac, in addition to code signing and notarizing the app.

Hunting For Easter Eggs (and Rabbits) in Quest For Glory 1
13th April 2020

Back in 2003, I was playing the Macintosh version of Quest For Glory 1, and I came across this interesting Easter egg which I've never seen in the PC version of the game.