Determining If A User Used An Earlier Version Of An iOS App
22nd November 2017

The popular writing app Ulysses recently moved to a subscription payment model and they extensively explained their reasoning for the transition. Switching to a subscription model is rarely a popular move, which tends to incite the masses to pull out ...

33 RPM's Future
23rd September 2017

During Apple's Platform State of the Union keynote, Apple revealed that macOS High Sierra would be the "last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromises." Considering that Apple has been warning us for a good year or more that 32-bit apps...

Installing an APK Onto an Android Device
31st August 2017

Several years ago I was doing some Android development. One of the things I appreciated the most on Android was the relative simplicity of being able to install apps to a device, unlike iOS which requires numerous hoops to jump through (although it is...