33 RPM
Pitch and speed modifying utility for transcribing music
AGI Studio for Mac
Adventure Game Interpreter IDE
List manager for Macintosh and iOS
Scientific calculator
King's Quest 1 - Redux
Redux version of a classic adventure game
Permanent Eraser
Securely erase your files


EdenList for iOS 2.1.0
8th October 2019

Last month, EdenList 2.1.0 for iOS was released, featuring new printing capabilities, Dark Mode for iOS 13, and improved accessibility with Dynamic Type support.

Replacing Application Loader with altool
25th September 2019

Each year, Apple releases updates to its software platforms and development tools, which always comes with a bevy of changes. Xcode 11 came with an extra surprise with the removal of the long standing developer tool Application Loader.

King's Quest 1 - Redux
15th August 2019

Don your adventurer's cap, ready your medieval flamethrower, and return to Daventry to experience the classic adventure again! Introducing King's Quest 1 - Redux

33 RPM's Future (Part 3)
14th July 2019

Because Apple has deprecated their own QuickTime framework, which 33 RPM is heavily reliant upon, 33 RPM will not work on macOS Catalina. I have tested and confirmed this on a beta version of macOS Catalina, and 33 RPM will not even launch.