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Reverse Engineering Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter - Part 3
20th October 2018

Exploring the use of colors in Sierra AGI games.

Playing 90s Sierra Games Without a CD
7th October 2018

With the advent of CD-ROM technology, the size of computer games in the 1990s were no longer constrained to a couple of megabytes delivered on a handful of floppy disks. Now, with several hundred megabytes available, improved graphics and audio ...

Reverse Engineering Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter - Part 2
17th September 2018

Part 2 of the Reverse Engineering the AGI covers endianness, run length encoding, and saving bitmap images.

Clearing the macOS Calendar Cache
29th August 2018

Recently at my job the macOS Calendar has been having problems properly syncing with the Exchange server, likely due to a corrupt attachment. Here's how the issue was fixed.