33 RPM
Pitch and speed modifying utility for transcribing music
AGI Studio for Mac
Adventure Game Interpreter IDE
List manager for Macintosh and iOS
Scientific calculator
King's Quest 1 - Redux
Redux version of a classic adventure game
Permanent Eraser
Securely erase your files


Another Day, Another Buckazoid
18th June 2021

A piece of poor prose dedicated to all of those Sarien lives lost on the Deltaur.

EdenList 2.2.0 + The Retirement of 33 RPM
3rd June 2021

A couple of short announcements regarding EdenList 2.2.0 and the retirement of 33 RPM.

Using a PowerBook in 2021
11th April 2021

Experiments of using a 2003 PowerBook G4 and Mac OS X Leopard in 2021.

King's Quest IV Easter Eggs (AGI Edition)
4th April 2021

Easter egg hunting in the pixelated land of Tamir.

Installing the AGI Version of King's Quest IV
21st February 2021

Details on the process to install King's Quest IV from floppy disks onto a Mac.