About Edenwaith

Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch.
     — Eric S. Raymond

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
     — Apple ][ Motto (1977)

Weniger aber besser.
     — Dieter Rams

There often comes a time in a programmer's career when they have a computing need which is not available or there is no suitable application in existence. Edenwaith was founded on this premise to fill in this gap.

Edenwaith is dedicated to create a variety of software products from games to useful utilities for Mac and iOS.

There are several main goals to be accomplished at Edenwaith, in this order (and someone please give us a strong boot to the head if it ever becomes otherwise!)


The name Edenwaith dates back to at least October 1995 where the name was used in a short story I had written. The name likely derived from a modified spelling of Enedwaith, a geographical area of Middle Earth.

Having a unique name can be both a boon and curse. Any instance of the name Edenwaith is an indication of my presence, but it is unconventional enough that many people have difficulty pronouncing the name on their first try. The first part is pronounced Eden, like the Biblical Garden. The latter portion of the name sounds similar to the specter-like wraith, just without the R sound.