Video games have been the gateway to introduce computers and electronic entertainment to generations of kids. It's what influenced me to study Computer Science. It helped me learn how to program by creating small text-based games. On this page I have catalogued the game-related projects, tools, and blog posts I've created.

Mac Ports

Over the past several years, I have been able to combine my love for both the Mac and adventure games by assisting with porting games to the Mac.

Games I've Developed

Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI)

My interest in game development was rekindled when I delved into the fascinating topic of reverse engineering Sierra's AGI game engine. This led to me porting AGI Studio to the Mac and creating additional tools to make KQ1 Redux.

Adventure Game Studio (AGS)

A large part of my game-related efforts over the past several years have focused on porting games to the Mac which use Adventure Game Studio. Fortunately, the process to port a game is relatively simple and generally takes a couple of hours. The games I've ported are listed in the Mac Ports section.


When the Playdate was released in 2022, this kickstarted my efforts in developing a game for this curious, little device. I started by creating a Sierra AGI font for the Playdate. I later created a plug-in to generate 1-bit images, ideal for the Playdate's monochrome screen. I am currently in the process of making my first Playdate game (a devlog will be released once the game is complete), but have plenty of other ideas in mind for this platform. Perhaps Pulp would be a good tool to create a graphical version of my ancient game Psychomancer...


Due to my interested in limited color palette games (EGA and monochrome), I ended up doing an extensive amount of research on dithering and color quantization techniques.

Game + Product Reviews