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AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) was the adventure game engine used by Sierra On-Line™ to create some of their early games from the 1980s such as the early King's Quest and Space Quest games. AGI Studio, a Mac port of QT AGI Studio, is a program that allows one to view, create, and edit AGI games.

This page details the work on the Macintosh port of QT AGI Studio. The original project page is located at

AGI Studio is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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AGI Utilities

In developing King's Quest I - Redux, I created several other utilities to assist AGI Studio. The AGI Color Palette can be used with any Mac application which uses the native color picker palette, which is useful for working with graphical assets in your favorite image editor (my favorite is Flying Meat's Acorn.) Speaking of Acorn, I also designed the Agifier plug-in for Acorn which can transform an image to look like a scene designed for a mid-80s Sierra game.

There are many great text editors available, however the native code editor in AGI Studio is not so great on the Mac (I'll attribute this to a less than stellar UI widget that the QT library uses for editing text. If I upgrade AGI Studio to QT 5 or later, I'm hoping the text editing is far better.). To work around this particular shortcoming, I edit the LOGIC text in BBEdit. BBEdit natively supports syntax coloring for many modern programming languages, but Sierra's AGI LOGIC was a specialty language used for only 14 games and certainly is not in widespread usage today outside of niche hobbyists such as myself. Fortunately, BBEdit's extendability reaches far, such as the ability to create a codeless language module so even obscure languages can get some syntax sugar.

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