King's Quest 1 - Redux :: Technical Specifications

The following are the technical specifications for King's Quest 1 for the room numbers, inventory objects, sounds, flags, and variables. These details are useful when debugging the game. The flags and variables are only the ones that I recorded, but there are many others which have not been listed here. Flags and variables are global values, so setting one of these can be seen across the rest of the game. Some of the flags are used for multiple purposes, and others have specific intentions, such as indicating if an event has occurred or an inventory item has been obtained.

To enter debug mode, type ALT+D. The following are the available debug commands in KQ1:

Credit goes to for these debugging details.


Rooms For King's Quest 1
Room Number Room Description
1 Starting screen - right castle
2 Left castle
3 Dagger rock
4 Right lake (1 lily pad)
5 Left lake (4 lily pads)
6 Diamonds stump
7 Right lake with rapids
8 Left lake with drainage stream
9 Fairy godmother
10 Left goat pen
11 Right goat pen
12 Well
13 Wolf
14 Big tree
15 Left carrot patch
16 Right carrot patch
17 Cliffs with elf
18 Elf screen
19 Mountain door
20 Lone lake with sharpened stump
21 Witch’s flying grounds
22 Cave with condor
23 Lone lake with cattails
24 Clover patch
25 South troll bridge
26 Right river bend
27 Big tree in foreground
28 Witch’s house (outside)
29 Enchanter
30 Walnut tree
31 Magic bowl
32 Left river bend
33 River confluence (no bridge)
34 Left river bend with pebbles
35 Dwarf + buttes
36 Little hole in rock
37 Swamp tree
38 Meadow (plant magic beans)
39 East troll bridge
40 Gnome’s hut
41 North troll bridge
42 River confluence (with bridge)
43 Right lake with tree reflections
44 Woodcutter’s house (left)
45 Woodcutter’s house (right)
46 Ogre
47 River south of castle
48 Hole to Leprechaun’s kingdom
49 Inside the well
50 Dragon’s cave (outside section)
51 Dragon’s cave (inside section with mirror)
52 In the well (under water)
53 King’s throne room
54 Right corner hallway of castle
55 Entry hallway of castle
56 Clouds - right of beanstalk
57 Clouds - Upper left
58 Clouds - Upper center - Giant
59 Clouds - Upper right - Cave
60 Clouds - Lower left
61 Clouds - Lower center
62 Clouds - Lower right - slingshot
63 Bird’s nest
64 Clouds without beanstalk
65 Witch’s house (inside)
66 Bottom of stairs
67 Bottom half of stairs
68 Landing of stairs
69 Upper half of stairs
70 Beanstalk (three clouds)
71 Beanstalk (two clouds)
72 Clouds with beanstalk
73 Leprechaun - Entrance
74 Leprechaun - Bottom right corner
75 Leprechaun - Rat
76 Leprechaun - Guards
77 Leprechaun - King
78 Leprechaun - Exit
79 Inside woodcutter’s house
80 Sky (for condor or witch)
83 Title screen
84 Bottom part of beanstalk
85 Stairs leading to dwarf’s hideout (New)
86 Entrance to dwarf’s hideout (New)
87 Dwarf’s hideout (New)

Inventory Objects

Inventory Objects For King's Quest 1
Inventory Number Inventory Description
1 Dagger
2 Chest
3 Carrot
4 Gold walnut
5 Key
6 Note
7 Magic ring
8 Four-leaf clover
9 Ceramic bowl
10 Full bowl
11 Water bucket
12 Full bucket
13 Pebbles
14 Leather slingshot
15 Pouch of diamonds
16 Pouch
17 Sceptre
18 Cheese
19 Magic mirror
20 Gold egg
21 Shield
22 Fiddle
23 Walnut
24 Mushroom
25 Beans
26 Water


Sounds For King's Quest 1
Sound Number Sound Description
0 Greensleeves
1 Enemy is near
2 Death
3 Chirping birds
4 Shaking head
5 Falling
6 Fairy godmother waving her wand
7 Dragon breathing flame
8 Fiddle tune
9 Giant walking or snoring
10 Troll on bridge
11 Goat bleating
12 Beanstalk growing
13 Splashing/Drowning
14 Cracking of the walnut
15 Trumpets announcement opening doors to Castle Daventry
16 Dwarf running
17 Ominous beeping when the enchanter is near
18 Falling sound (stairs or through clouds)
19 Door opening
20 Raise/lower bucket
21 Leprechauns bleeping sound
22 Opening theme from KQ3 (New)
34 Potentially nothing
35 Potentially nothing
36 Potentially nothing
37 Potentially nothing
48 Points chime from KQ4 (New)


Flags For King's Quest 1
Flag Number Flag Description
f0 Graham is swimming
f5 New room is executed for the first time
f22 Something about dying in the moat or something…or a variety of other things. Probably more local flags.
f24 Dwarf is present
f28 This flag is used when playing sound 15 in Room 2 (opening of doors to the Castle)
f63 Set the death messages
f67 Graham has the dagger
f73 Protective Fairy spell
f75 Goat is with Graham
f77 Graham has a carrot
f79 Graham is invisible
f87 Graham has the 4-leaf clover
f89 Something about the bowl
f90 Something about the bowl has been acquired.
f100 Magic mirror has been acquired
f101 Magic mirror has been stolen
f102 Has magic shield
f103 Magic shield has been stolen
f104 Magic chest has been acquired
f105 Magic chest has been stolen
f113 Has the scepter
f120 Ogre’s vision is not keen enough to see Graham…hiding? Ate mushroom? Invisibility ring?
f121 Mushroom has been picked
f123 Mushroom is in your possession
f134 Set when Graham is swimming
f148 Used when playing sounds in Room 75 (Rat)
f154 Acquired beans
f157 The beanstalk has sprouted or Graham is climbing the beanstalk
f158 Falling from the beanstalk
f165 The mirror has been obtained.
f170 Note acquired
f171 Fiddle acquired
f186 Leprechauns have left
f187 Leprechaun king has left
f188 Acquired the shield (related to f102)
f189 Acquired the sceptre (related to f113)
f201 Flag set after ducking
f202 Graham is currently ducking
f233 - f235 New flags used in the dwarf’s hideout (New)
f255 Play the points chime (New)


Variables For King's Quest 1
Variable Number Variable Description
v0 Current room number
v1 Previous room number
v2 Moving to a new room (1: North; 2: East; 3: South; 4: West) Check position if going to a specific room.
v3 Game score
v7 Max number of points
v10 Game speed (related to v88)
v65 On rooms 10 and 11, v65 is set to the room number to determine which room has the dead goat. You bastard!
v74 Number of magic treasures acquired
v75 Determine if boulder is in the way in the dragon’s cave. v75 is 0 if the dragon is protecting the mirror. v75 is 1 if the boulder is in place and the dragon is dead. v75 is 2 if the boulder has been moved.
v80 This is set to the room which has the beanstalk on it.
v81 The witch is dead.
v85 1 if key, 2 if magic beans
v88 Game speed (related to v10)
v97 Perhaps some form of timer to loop a number of cycles before displaying the death messages
v111 Room number the goat is in
v185 New variable for Room 87 (replaces v85 from KQ2 code)
v194 New variable for Room 87 (replaces v94 from KQ2 code)